Build your control panel

with no drilling and no tapping.

Since 2005, Satie North America has been the first choice of panel builders, electrical engineers, control engineers, and equipment manufacturers for durable, high-quality aluminum wiring management frames. We focus on complete customization based on the project’s needs, delivered with an excellent customer service experience throughout the project lifecycle and beyond.

Save time, money, and space with Satie aluminum control panel frames that can be installed, wired, and operational in minutes!

Who We Are

A family-owned-and-operated business, Satie is the only company in the world that specializes solely in designing and manufacturing aluminum frames for electrical control cabinets and boxes. Our products are custom-designed to optimize space and deliver years of reliable service. We also strive to make the entire process simple, with a customer service experience that’s second to none.

Satie North America is a division of Satie SAS, based in Alsace, France.

Our Process

Our team focuses on making your experience as easy as possible. Our simple 3-step process ensures you’ll get the exact aluminum frames you need, delivered completely assembled and ready to install without tapping or drilling.


We start with a comprehensive discovery session that helps us understand your specific needs in terms of space, capacity, requirements and other factors


Satie engineers present our 3D design solution to you, demonstrating how we can save you up to 30% in space without sacrificing capacity or future growth


We manufacture your frames using top-quality materials and deliver the final product on time to anywhere in North America

Exceptional Product Quality

Our Satie Systems are built with quality North American and globally-sourced raw materials. Simply screw-mount or snap your components into place on the frame, and start wiring your components from the front using the convenient fingers to hold your wires in place. You’ll be up and running in minutes!

Optimizing your enclosure space has never been easier or more convenient!

Why Work With Satie

Satie’s industrial-grade products offer much more than fast installation, quick setup, and reliable performance. They also bring your company a wide range of unique advantages, such as improved accessibility, better airflow, enhanced aesthetics, optimized ergonomics, and much more!

With Satie frames, you free yourself from the constraints of the wiring duct, bringing the focus back to your components!

Building Successful Partnerships

Satie’s team prides itself on forming meaningful partnerships with our customers that keep their interests first and foremost. We believe that success is achieved through forging strong relationships – and we’re glad our customers feel the same way. 

Trusted Product Support

Your Satie experience doesn’t end after you install your new aluminum frames. We offer live phone or email support and an extensive array of online resources and documentation to help ensure seamless assembly, installation, and ongoing use of your aluminum electrical panel frame. To ensure that your experience is seamless, we often come to site for the first few installations to make sure all your questions are answered and the transition is smooth and easy

No Drilling Or Tapping – Quality Custom Aluminum Frames Ready To Go in Minutes!

Start saving time, money, and space now with Satie North America

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