Satie Systems knows that success is achieved through quality products, exceptional service, and nurturing strong relationships with our customers. We always work hard to ensure these guiding principles are met, and are proud of our customer success stories.

“Choosing the Satie System worked out well for us. There was a gradual acceptance from our staff as they embraced the new way of panel building. We also noticed that the improved appearance of our panels got a good reaction from our customers. Production times were reduced and we were able to complete and ship projects faster.

We also were able to reduce costs and simplify purchasing by reducing the range of enclosure sizes we used. We received and continue to receive good support and cooperation from Satie. We have recommended (the Satie) System to our customers and branches.”

Stephen Roney

Business Development

Axiom Automation Technologies

“Sonny’s Car Wash Controls did not know about the Satie System until we met Julien. He gave us an informative demonstration about the benefits and advantages of using Satie Systems.

[We were] designing a new control box which required us to add more devices without changing the size of the enclosures. This would have been impossible to accomplish using regular wire channels and din rail. The Satie System made it both possible and easy.

The main features we like about the Satie System are that it’s:

  • Easy to wire
  • Easy to troubleshoot
  • Flexible and easy to make design changes
  • An effective way to reduce enclosure size

Satie is a very supportive company. They’re very knowledgeable and consistently provide fast design changes which helps reduce the time it takes to get a product to the market.

The Satie System is a great partner because of their innovative technology, quality, care, and support.”

Carlos Canedo

Controls Engineer Manager

SONNY’S Car Wash Controls

“By using the Satie System, we were able to reduce our panel size and lessen the time spent on panel assembly and wiring. This has led to overall cost savings.

If I had to choose one specific feature that I liked best, it would be how the Satie System has allowed us to reduce our panel sizes. We’ve had 25% cost savings and our panel throughput has increased by 35%. Our panel servicing has improved because the access to wires is easier than ever. As an added benefit, our wiring shop area is clean and orderly since we no longer have to tap and drill.

The Satie System is easy and ready to use, even for a person with basic wiring skills. I would recommend their system for any panel designers out there (even those with doubts about its flexibility). At the end of the day the savings and panel assembly improvements are worth it.”

Cesar Martinez

Systems Designer

Class 1 Inc.

“At first, I was reluctant to use a Satie panel in my cabinet layout design for the mounting, installing and wiring of electrical components.

Now that I have used them and are more familiar with their design and advantages, I use a Satie panel for all my panel layout designs without hesitation. Satie panels save both space and assembly hours as it is a more compact style and design with everything already laid out and ready for mounting of components without the need of drilling and mounting of DIN rail and wireway duct.

We had a panel in which not only was it not possible to mount all components as well as wireway duct on the inner back panel, but even when using the sides of the panel to mount components, there was not enough space to do so.

We switched to a Satie panel and not only was I able to fit everything inside of the panel, but I did not need to use the sides of the panel. Turnaround is relatively quick (within two weeks) and at times you could have a Satie panel ordered, constructed and delivered within a week. In addition to the above, esthetically the Satie panel is a much sleeker and cleaner look.”

Vaughn Saraphanian

Electrical Designer

Zeton Inc.

“Satie System frames substantially reduce panel size and wiring time while maintaining a neat and clean appearance.  When changes or additions are required, a Satie frame makes the work quicker and cleaner. Lastly, Satie System’s support is always first class, though seldom needed.”

Steve Swift

Controls Design Supervisor

Android Industries

“The benefits of using Satie start with the design process. They utilize 3D CAD software with a vast part library to rapidly draw up custom designs and allow you to visualize the end result before it’s built. We worked through multiple iterations of a design efficiently, and every time Satie made insightful suggestions on how best to achieve my goals. Ultimately, I was able to land on a model that I can reuse for multiple products, saving on design costs and time and allowing us to stock the back panel ahead of time.

We love how neat and orderly the Satie back panel looks after being laid out for the components. Hiding the wires behind the panel enhances that look and makes routing extremely fast. The system is very modular, and its unique design makes modifications a breeze.

Julien has always given us great support and focuses on doing what it takes to maintain a positive, productive relationship. We’re proud to have Satie as our manufacturing partner, and we highly recommend them as a vendor that stands by their product and works alongside you throughout the manufacturing process, ensuring a high-quality end result.”

Andy Kaiser

Controls Engineering Manager

Sun Coast Hydraulic & Electric Manufacturing

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