Save Time With Quality Frames Delivered Ready For Installation

Satie fabricators create custom aluminum frames using the highest quality materials from North America and around the world. Our Satie Systems are designed to help you save time with maximum space optimization, easy setup, and long-lasting durability.


A robust solution for that offers superior wire handling for medium-to-large control panels

Proclip frames are assembled using an easy snap-in solution. The wires are routed on the side using U-shaped brackets that come in two sizes to allow for any depth requirement. As a single unit, the Proclip solution is usually used for enclosure sizes starting at 20” x 20” x 8” up to 98” x 98” x…

For modular applications, the frames are bayed together just like the enclosures, and convenient side covers handle the wires in between bays. The unique Proclip design also allows for back-to-back application in dual-access cabinets when you have a panel on both the front and back.


A light-duty solution perfect for small-to-medium enclosures as well as intricate layouts

Prolight frames are assembled using custom spacers that come in 5mm (⅕”) increments for accurate depth adjustment from 10mm up to 160mm. The Prolight frames are light and designed to accommodate your smaller boxes, improving accessibility and available space.

The Prolight solution is meant for boxes from 4” x 4” x 6” up to 48” x 36” x…

Both our Proclip® and Prolight® products allow you to install various configurations of Din-mounted and screw-mounted devices. The convenient wiring combs keep wires organized right in front of the device connection points for easy wiring, marking, and troubleshooting.

With Satie’s systems, you can free yourself from the constraints of the wire duct, allowing you to better optimize your panel space. Our products also offer better access and heat dissipation to your components.

In most cases, your frame will be delivered assembled, eliminating the need for tedious, time-consuming mechanical work before wiring. Easy access to components and convenient wiring combs saves time on completing connections.

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Delivered Ready to Install
and Use

Our aluminum frames are shipped pre-assembled and ready to install without drilling or tapping. You can securely screw-mount or snap the components into place. Easy wire routing enables you to connect everything through the front of the unit. You’ll be ready to go in a matter of minutes!

Aluminum electrical frame installation has never been easier!

How It Works

Satie delivers an unparalleled customer experience by making the process as easy as possible! It only takes three simple steps to get the exact frames you need for your application, delivered completely assembled and ready to install without tapping or drilling.


We start with a comprehensive discovery session that helps us understand your specific needs in terms of space, capacity, requirements and other factors


Satie engineers present our 3D design solution to you, demonstrating how we can save you up to 30% in space without sacrificing capacity or future growth


We manufacture your frames using top-quality materials and deliver the final product on time to anywhere in North America

No Drilling Or Tapping – Quality Custom Aluminum Frames Ready To Go in Minutes!

Start saving time, money, and space now with Satie North America

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