Our Process

Our Unique 3-Step Process Makes Everything Easier

Satie has transformed how companies design and build their control panel by streamlining the entire process and optimizing the customer experience. We accomplish this by putting your needs before everything else and staying in communication to always keep you in the loop.

Our approach ensures you get your to-spec frames faster without compromising on build accuracy or quality.

Step 1:


Designing control panels using Satie’s aluminum frames might feel intimidating as it needs to cover every aspect of your requirements – and there is no room for shortcuts.

Our discovery session makes the entire process easy. We take the time to learn about your needs, explain how we work, introduce you to our products, and answer all your questions. We aim to demystify the design and installation experience so you feel excited and confident about the advantages of partnering with our company.

Step 2:


Our engineers use modern 3D design software to create a fully interactive drawing of your control panel. We then take a deep dive together into the design to show you how the model meets your requirements and introduce its features and advantages.

Satie products are fully customized to your needs and designed to save up to 30% in space. If you need adjustments to the design, we’ll collaborate closely with your team until you’re completely satisfied with the look, size, and configuration of the final model.

Step 3:


Satie fabricators get to work to bring the model to life, using quality materials from top suppliers in North America and around the world. Once the products have passed our quality control inspection, we deliver them on time to any location in the United States, Canada, or Mexico, pre-assembled and ready to use for quick and easy installation.

We’re just a phone call away if you need help installing the frame mounting or wiring your components. Our team is always happy to answer your questions – because it’s simply what great partners do.

No Drilling Or Tapping – Quality Custom Aluminum Frames Ready To Go in Minutes!

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