The Satie Advantage

Easy to install and simple to wire, saving you time, space, and money!

Satie Systems has been in business since 1997 as the world’s only company that specializes solely in custom-made aluminum frames for electrical control cabinets and boxes. Our unique focus has given us unparalleled insight into solving our customers’ most complex challenges with quality products that reflect the latest trends and created using modern 3D technology.

We build durable control panel frames that are easy to install and built to last for decades in an industrial environment. By partnering with Satie, our customers gain access to a wide range of distinct advantages they won’t find anywhere else.

Entire control panel is built at least 30% faster than traditional panels

Optimized footprint by 30 – 50% with our space-saving frame design

Fully customizable using 3D models that detail clearances and integrations

Frames are pre-assembled and ready to easily install with fewer tools to manage

Populate frames up to 80% faster using the same resources

Advanced ergonomics that increases wiring speed

Wire guiding combs hold all sizes of wire gauges in place

Improved accessibility and visibility into the enclosure

Universal compatibility with all component types

Optimized for future growth and easy ongoing maintenance

Aesthetically pleasing with an aluminum profile and plastic in blue or gray

Cutting-edge design allows for better airflow and eliminating hotspots

Frames are standardized with a single part number, reducing confusion and overhead

Increased profitability with shorter installation and connection times

Outstanding engineering services solve the most complex installation and work toward offering a standardized solution to improve production

Improved bottom line with easier and faster assembly, wiring and installation

See how Satie System custom control panels have served our clients!

No Drilling Or Tapping – Quality Custom Aluminum Frames Ready To Go in Minutes!

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